Bachelorette Party Tips Part-4

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Many people worry about their friends being obnoxious and crazy. Obnoxious and crazy isn’t a bad thing unless it is negative. A few negative or vulgar comments yelled at the dancer will make them extremely uncomfortable. Just tell your friends to try to respect the dancer and remember they are real, live, human beings who’s feelings can get hurt just like yours or mine. A dancer who is at a Cocktail making class Perth party where the guests are making them feel sexy and appreciated will always put on a far better show than a Cocktail making class Perth party where they feel uncomfortable because they are being harassed.


Cocktail making class Perth
Cocktail making class Perth

Well, since you asked, we’ll give you a top 5 list:

  1. THE DIRECTOR; The guy/girl at the party who needs to feel like he’s in control of everything. He is constantly shouting instructions to the dancer “Do this”, “Do that”, “Why haven’t you danced for him?”, etc… Instead of relaxing and enjoying the party, he or she is in such a hurry to have the dancer do everything that it decreases the enjoyment of the Cocktail making class Perth party for everyone. Tell the “director” to relax and enjoy the Cocktail making class Perth party. The dancers know what they’re doing and will make sure everyone who wants dances will get them.
  1. BACKHANDED COMPLIMENTS; Even though you may think you are trying to compliment the dancer, think about how things actually sound before you say them. For example, you may think she is the most beautiful woman you ever saw, and after 20 minutes of inspecting her to try and find even one little flaw you say, “Wow, you are almost perfect except for that little birthmark on your calf” may seem like a compliment to you, but what the dancer hears is “Wow, that birthmark is the ugliest damn thing I ever saw, get away from me”. Try to imagine how vulnerable it would be to be the only person naked in front of a room full of people.
  1. TONGUES; Please, please, please, keep your tongue inside your mouth. If we start to dance for you and your tongue darts out of your mouth, the dance is over. Tongues frighten us. Thanks.
  1. BEER POURING; There are few things that upset us more than having beer poured on our naked bodies. We will never understand why so many people try to do this. Drink your beer, offer us a beer, but DON’T waste it by throwing it or pouring it on us.
  1. NEGATIVITY; Any type of negative comment depresses us quite a bit. We really are working very hard and trying our best to give you a great show, and negative comments can really tear us apart. So be nice. 🙂

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