9 reasons why personal training at FLBC in Seven Hills will change your life!

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Interested in personal training that gets you awesome results?

Read on, and learn how starting personal training will change your life.

1. Organised Schedule

From the start of the plan we will structure your routine, organise a schedule that is reasonable to your lifestyle, and an eating plan to match your goals, environment and occupation. Together we will create an exercise and eating plan, which is individually created for YOU by your personal trainer for YOUR body, YOUR goals, and YOUR wants. Designed specifically for YOU!

2. Motivation

Being self motivated is difficult, beginning with a high drive is common, but in my experience those who fight it alone lose the impulse to gain sight of the greater picture. Motivating yourself means:

YOU are accountable,
YOU care if it’s too cold today,
YOU care if you had a busy day, and
YOU care about all those little excuses that become obstacles to your long-term objective.

With a personal trainer, we care about your results and making sure you achieve them. We care about setting those goals, based specifically around your wants in a realistic time frame, and we care about outlining your motive to change, your desire to progress your body, to give reason and meaning once you achieve your goals. Our personal training program will keep you motivated!

3. Education

There should be a reason for everything you do during your routine; just going for a walk to burn a few calories will not give you the results you want.
Learn how your body operates and understand how the FLBC programs are designed to back up the science about the human body. Learn exercise, in a different perceptive. Learn nutrition, which challenges all “Fad Diets”. Learn how to achieve your goals, and maintain your results forever. As personal trainers, our job is not only to push you in each session, but also teach you how to keep your dream body forever!

4. Safety

Through my experience working in a gym, every day I had a member tell me they have caused an injury, from over training, incorrect form, inadequate warm ups, lifting to heavy, postural imbalances and the list goes on… Their goals then change from transforming their body, to rehabilitating their injury.
You can always train hard, but train smart first. With a personal trainer watching over your technique, your risk of injury is at a all time low.

5. Variety

Change is important to battle boredom, if you’re over the workout; odds are your motivation levels have dropped too. Mix up your routine, our personal training programs alter each week, and every month. But besides the boredom, it will also enhance your progress. Changing the workout shocks your body, resulting in adaptation, which is just a fancy way to say progression. If you keep doing the same thing, your body has no reason to change.

6. Inspire

Find inspiration through your current progress, review your own performance every 8 weeks to see the difference. Let your results push you further.
Meet our current clients, who have changed their lives, and see how rewarding it is to accomplish your dreams. You’re not only supported by your personal trainer, but an entire community of our members.

7. Progression

We don’t just wait for you to get strong, or fitter. Our personal training programs are designed for results, and you cannot get results with progressing. Our programs are designed to force your body into transforming; we’re not just taking you to a park and yelling at you for 100’s of push ups. We do everything for a reason, to progress.

8. Support

Fitness is an ongoing battle, one that you’re going to need ongoing support to overcome. Personal training does not end with the session, we will be here to support you through your week, provide you with weekly inspiration, and motivation. Constantly guide you so you never feel like you are alone.


This is the part we LOVE!! This is the highlight, and once you get there we’ll look back on your journey and be proud!

There you have it, 9 benefits of starting personal training, 9 reasons we will transform your body!!

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