Strong enough title… I agree. But unfortunately it’s the truth. I want to give you a brief overview on how being overweight and obese increases your chances of a heart attack, blood clots, tissue damage, strokes and even death.

Let’s look at the cause and effect of 3 everyday implications that are prevalent in most of today’s population.

Type 2 Diabetes

A lot of people don’t take this serious enough. Why? Because when people are diagnosed they ask their doctor “How did that happen?”, and “What can I do to treat it?”, and the answer is diet and exercise. So anything with that easy of a preventative most not be that serious right?



When you consume sugary foods or drinks the carbohydrates are digested very rapidly. When carbohydrate is digested, it is sent to the blood stream, to be used as energy by the body. Because of the fast digestion rate there is an abundant of energy in the bloodstream, known as high blood glucose levels.


The short term high glucose levels harm your body, damaging vital organ tissue such as your eyes, effecting vision. The body knows this and wants to prevent it, and does this by secreting insulin from the pancreas. The role of insulin is to lower your blood glucose levels, by storing the excessive amount of glucose.
So when your consuming these foods constantly, your body continually goes through this process several times a day. Two things end up happening:

a) Your pancreas gets tired of pumping out insulin nonstop, and cuts down,
b) Your body builds up an immunity to the insulin, making the insulin less effective

Resulting in constant high glucose levels, damaging important organs, and a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

High Cholesterol

Another implication that has become a norm in today’s society. It’s like the more people that have it, the less serious it gets… Right? Nope.


Greasy foods, deep fried foods, and animal fat. Anything covered in high amounts of saturated and especially trans fats, as these fats develop the bad cholesterol. The good fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats destroy these bad fats, so there in the clear ūüėÄ

This bad cholesterol is called LDLP (Low Density Lipo-Protein) cholesterol. It floats around in your bloodstream connecting to the arterial walls. The good cholesterol called HDLP (High Density Lipo-protein) also floats in the bloodstream but it cleans the bad cholesterol off from the arterial walls, removing it to the liver to be destroyed.
Sounds smart right? But here’s the dumb thing.


A combination of over consuming take away foods and a low intake of healthy fats (fish, avocado, nuts) means there are more bad cholesterol on the walls and less good cholesterol taking them off. Then, the cholesterol on the walls merge together, becoming bigger, and obstructing the venous or arterial lumen (the tube that transports your blood, think water running through plumbing). The blockage eventually becomes so big that it breaks off the walls and is left to travel throughout your bloodstream (think a child going down a water ride!)

BUT! Not all arteries and veins have the same sized passage.¬†Let’s go back to my metaphor, this is a BIG child going from a big water ride¬†into a baby sized ride. What happens? The child gets stuck and water stops flowing. Same thing happens in your bloodstream, the artery or vein becomes blocked and whatever was receiving blood on the other end, doesn’t. And unfortunately organs kinda live on oxygen, which is transported through blood so without it, the organ dies.

That’s fine, who needs organs right? Every part of your body is an organ, so:

Your hand stops getting blood, bye bye fingers.
Your legs stops getting blood, bye bye walking.
Your brain stops getting blood.. Stroke, resulting in death of portions of the brain.
Your heart stops getting blood.. Heart attack, resulting in death of part of the heart.

Still think it’s not serious?

High Blood Pressure

A measurement of the force of blood being projected from the heart. Think this, your lightly blowing air into a balloon, the balloon expands. Then blow as hard as you can into a balloon, balloon grows larger.
The heart pumps blood into blood vessels (Arteries and veins), and at normal pressure they slightly expand, and the recoil helps push along the bloodstream throughout the body. When the blood pressure is elevated, more pressure is produced.


High cholesterol on the vessel walls create narrowing blood vessels causing less blood to go through the vessels ( remember less water through the water coaster). The body sends feedback to the heart saying there is not enough blood, (life guard at the end of the water ride calls the other life guard at the top of the ride, telling them there is no water flowing down). Heart replies to the message by increasing the pressure, so that more blood goes to those organs (life guard at the top of the ride turns the tap up higher). But because of the narrowing or compete blockage it does nothing, so the message is sent again, and the process repeats itself and blood pressure continues to rise.


Think back to the balloon metaphor and take it away from your mouth, and plug in an air compressor designed for truck tyres. Balloon bursts, air is released. Water coaster ride breaks, water goes everywhere. Blood vessels burst, blood goes everywhere resulting in internal bleeding.

And that’s only one effect.

Your heart is a muscle, it contracts to push blood throughout the blood. On average, 80 times a minute, 115,200 times a day, 41,932,800 times a year, without rest. The body is telling it to work harder, and harder, so like any muscle, it becomes bigger.

Now think about squeezing a 600ml water bottle with 600ml of water in it, the water comes out smoothly. Now image you have a 2L bottle, still with 600ml of water, a lot less water comes out when you squeeze it with the same pressure, if any at all. So more size is not a good thing here, a bigger heart (Left Ventricle Hypertrophy) means a slower heart which means less blood pumped. High blood pressure places a serious demand on your heart and can result in heart failure which can ultimately lean to death.

All these conditions mentioned are caused by obesity, poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol and inactivity. Be smart, if you want to stay around for your family, or have children, or just be alive then start looking after your body now, before you can’t later.

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