5 reasons why boot camps really work!

Do you know this guy? Wasting 10 hours a week in a gym?

Sure you do! Nowadays most people are spending all their free time in a gym, and have very little results to show for it. I’m here to tell this guy that:


Change up your routine, try something completely different. Try something that actually works…

Here’s 5 reasons why bootcamps really work!

1. Variety

Boredom is a major killer to most exercise routines, too much repetition, same boring machines, or even jogging on the same treadmill, or down the same street 3 days a week. Exercise shouldn’t be boring, you need something exciting , interesting, and fun! Once you enjoy an exercise program, the results in your body come so much sooner. Our bootcamp programs are different every week, so you will never be bored!

2. Intensity

No matter what fitness level you are, bootcamps have varied alternatives, that help you start developing that initial base fitness, to smashing that heart rate through the roof!

3. Periodization

Basically, defined as a training program that continually changes to shock your body into adapting, into become fitter, stronger, and burning more fat every session. Our bootcamps are scientifically planned to shock your body.

4. Length


Bootcamps run up to 45 minutes each session, we spend this time focusing on getting into a fat burning mode. No waiting for equipment, or walking around the same block for hours on edge.

5. The best thing about bootcamps…. IT’S NOT A GYM!

It’s not a messy, over-crowded, smelly, weight plate smashing, testosterone filled, lack of service, judgemental GYM! You’re in a community,  a group that have the same goals as you, having a great time, getting a workout that offers awesome results, with an instructor ALWAYS watching over you.

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