6:45pm, & 7:30pm


6:45pm, & 7:30pm



Our Sessions

Technique and Strength Sessions

This sessions is designed to raise your bodies metabolism. We do this by emphasises technique, and slowing down the movements to engage the target muscle groups and develop strength. This helps tone the muscle, and helps raise your metabolism as the body adapts to the session.

Objective: Focus on technique. Build muscle tone and strength. Raise the metabolism.

HIIT Sessions

High Intensity Interval Training. This is the future of fitness, fast paced workouts that challenge your body, and have been scientifically proven to increase gains to aerobic fitness, and calorie output in comparison to any other training style. Basically, it means you will take your fitness levels to new heights, and burn heaps of calories doing it!

Objective: Improve aerobic fitness and stamina. Keep your metabolism high.

Ambitions Ultimate

As the name suggest, this is the Ultimate workout. Once a month our trainers smash their heads together, and produce a fitness challenge. Normally combining strength, cardiovascular fitness, muscle and core endurance together to test all major elements of fitness.

Objective: Challenge yourself!